Buy Russian death certificate:

    • State registration of death produced by the body the registrar at the last place of residence of the deceased, the place of death, place of discovery of the body of the deceased or of the location of the organization that issued the document of death.
    • Alleged death orally or in writing to the registrar body shall be obliged:
      • husband (wife), other family members of the deceased, as well as any other person present at the time of death or otherwise informed of the occurrence of death.
    • Statement of death shall be made not later than three days from the date of death or the discovery of the body of the deceased.
    • For state registration of death, along with a statement in the body of the registrar must provide:
      • form of document of death issued by the medical organization or private practitioners
      • or judgment to establish the fact of death or declaring a person dead, entered into force.
    • Death registration is free on the day of application. After registration, the OCS issued a death certificate.

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